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Pane flame East India Restaurant

Pane flame Restaurant menus at Indian restaurants are dominated by what is called Mughlai cuisine, a category of north Indian food—born during the Mughal Empire—that’s laden with rich, gravy-based meat and vegetable stews. This is less a function of Mughlai cuisine being the best or most popular food in India, and more a function of the fact that many of the dishes within it use the same sauce (which, for a restaurant, makes them easy to produce in large quantities), and often involve meat (a seeming necessity for American palates). This is not to say the dishes aren’t delicious, but it’s a reminder that Indian food has a lot to offer beyond just what you’ll find at these restaurants.

Checkout our restaurant and special menu: Our menu is constantly evolving, but our core values are set in stone. You will love our healthy and hearty recipes that offer the best in taste and ingredients. We do our best to accommodate all diets, so please ask about vegetarian and gluten free options.